Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Nirvanachess 1.4 Release

What is new in this release?

  • Strength Increase
    • About 50 Elo stronger than Version 1.3 at long time controls
    • Much stronger at very short time controls
      • Scores 100% against version 1.3 at 2"+0.02"!
      • Scores 160 elo better at 6"+ 0.05"
  • Better Time Management
    • Will now use its time more intelligently
      • Moves that are seen as "easy" will now be played more quickly
    • Will spend more time on harder moves
    • Will now make effective use out of Fischer time controls
      • Previously bonus time was not taken into consideration
  • Better move ordering
    • Moves will now be ordered more effectively in order to reduce the branching factor
  • Endgame Evaluation
    • Now plays King + pawns endings more effectively
  • Evaluation Tweaks
    • Improved King safety
      • Now takes into consideration how many squares are attacked
      • Now take into consideration the quality of the shelter
    • Now takes into consideration "Pawn spans" a la Stockfish
  • More Pruning
    • Additional conditions for LMR pruning
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug with move order due to initialized variables
    • Fixed a bug with King safety evaluation
  • Additional Features
    • Now accepts the "go infinite" command
      • Nirvana can now be used for in-depth analysis (if you are into that)
    • Now accepts the "go depth x" command
    • Now has an option for Aggressiveness
      • The higher this parameter the more Nirvana will sacrifice to attack the enemy king
    • Now has an option for Cowardsness
      • The higher this parameter the more caution Nirvana will play
    • Now has an option for Mobility
      • The lower this value the less Nirvana will care about its PST and mobility
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