Sunday, July 31, 2016

Nirvanachess 2.3 Release

What is new in this release?

  •  Evaluation tweaks
    • Improved mobility evaluation
    • Improved Passed Pawns evaluation
    • Improved Isolated Pawn values
    •  Pieces that cannot move to the opponents side of the board are penalized
    • Bishops scale off the number of blocked pawns
    • Rooks scale based off the number of pawns
    • Pieces without safe squares to move to are considered trapped
  • Speed ups
    • Added small hash for king safety
    • Added dedicated thread for UCI input
  • Endgame knowledge
    • Added some fortress detection
    • Added KPK bitbase
    • Added draw knowledge for KRPKRP
  • Bug Fixes
    •  Fixed multiple rare crashes under SMP
Overall strength gain ~30 elo after 2000 games against 2.2 at 60"+0.05"


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