Friday, August 11, 2017

Nirvanachess 2.4 Release

What is new in this release?

  •  Evaluation tweaks
    • Improved King Safety evaluation
    • More accurate values obtained from Hash
  • Speed ups
    • Use of template functions to improve speed
    • SEE bug fix to reduce overhead 
    • More aggressive LMR and LMP
  • Endgame knowledge
    •  Better evaluation during low pawn endings
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix Pawn hash utilization bug
    • Fix IID bug that caused failure to find moves under certain circumstances
    • Fix bug during singular extension search
Overall strength gain ~45 elo after 3000 games against 2.3 at 60"+0.05"



  1. hi, sorry my english is not good, but i only need downdload and install the exe?

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  4. Namaste, Hello thomas , I have done several tests on your engine , Nirvana chess 64 bit, and the thing I want to say is that Nirvana plays just " too defensive " , sometimes it seems that Nirvana wants a peaceful draw even in better positions instead of fighting for a win . Nirvana is able to beat weaker engines but also makes many draws against them .a good thing about playing passive and solid is that it can also make draws against super engines like komodo & stockfish but the problem is that you also wont be able to beat weaker ones. another problem is the choices for opening.Nirvana usually goes for very drawish passive lines ,which there are little advantages to achieve . and lets talk about some good points, Nirvana's understanding of the endgame , is superb. when the queens are off the board, and the engines should calculate the best ways to play with or against the passed pawns , Nirvana shows great talent. well , I can call myself a " fan of Nirvana chess" and I am not saying that you should change the " style " of chess nirvana plays , but still, you should teach Nirvana to be a little "braver " while it has the possibility . the last thing I want to say is that I am a buddhist,and of course I like the name of the engine . wish you and Nirvana be always successful .

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  6. Amazing chess engine and its defence

  7. One of the strongest chess engines. Nice work Thomas. Onwards and upwards. :-)